How Often Should Your Bath Towels Be Washed?

Bath Towels are often used after taking a shower or after washing to dry the skin. With so much laundry to do, bath towels are not washed most often because most people think that it is not that dirty.

A few uses of your bath towel can keep you clean and dry. However, when towels dry off, they are actually hosting a variety of unwanted microorganisms.

Every inch of our skin has at least 19 million skin cells and 650 sweat glands. Each time we take a bath and rub off our towel to dry our skin, some of them are scrubbed off in the bathroom, but some of them linger in the fibres of the towel. What is more, these bacteria can multiply in every second that pass by. The next time you use it, you will be rubbing those germs back into your clean body.

Ideally, bath towels must be washed every 3 to 4 times of usage to keep them hygienic. When we dry our skin after taking a bath, we are also transferring dead skin cells to our towels which can become the breeding ground of bacteria.

For towels that are used during workout or at the gym, washing them every after use is strongly recommended. These towels are not only covered in sweat but are also full of airborne bacteria that can be transferred to other close contact.

How to Keep Your Towel Clean

Even though you are not sharing your towel with anyone else, your towel can still be a source of bacteria, especially when it is damp or wet. Microorganisms love dark, damp, and warm places. Hence, damp towels offer a perfect atmosphere for microorganisms to grow.

After using, it is best to hang your towel on a rack or somewhere you can let it dry. Spread it instead of folding it to speed up the drying process.

Towels must be cleaned just as we need to clean our clothes. They must be taken care of by washing with mild soap and scrubbing them off to ensure that no bacteria is left. Even though you might have a pile of laundry clothes to wash, you must not get lazy in washing your bath towels as these might even be dirtier than your toilet bowl.

You should also take note that borrowing of towels is a big no. Even though you are close with that person, it is important that you think of hygiene first.

Healthy Tips in Reusing Your Towels

Aside from hanging your bath towels and drying them in between washes, you must also observe hygiene even if you will not use it anymore.

You must see to it that you dry your towel first before putting it on your hamper. Hampers are a large source of bacteria from different clothes. Hence, if you will not wash it on the same day, it would be much better to separate it first to avoid multiplication and transfer of bacteria.

Types of Bath Towels

Towels are made from different fabrics and materials but whatever the type is, all towels require frequent washing. Every towel gets damp and absorbs water, thus, here is a quick breakdown as to how you must wash your towels according to its material.

  • Cotton

Cotton towels are fluffy and soft. They absorb water very well. In washing cotton towels, it is important that you read the instruction tag so it won’t get rough even after you wash it many times.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber towels are easier to dry than cotton. Hence, these might be washed more frequently to be able to reuse it hygienically.

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