Staple Dresses For Every Kind of Woman 

Everyone has their go-to clothing staples in their closet. These staples can range from being comfortable to simply flattering and confidence-boosting. 

For women, they, fortunately, have more options to choose from when it comes to clothes that are stylish and fit well. If you wanted to go shopping in the past, you would have to get in the car and drive out to any store to find the item of clothing that you want. These days, you can take your measurements and find specific articles of clothing online. 

Finding those perfect staples has never been easier. Below, we will go over the clothing staples most women have in their closet. 

Charlotte Tee 

Having a Charlotte Tee should be a requirement for any woman. This shirt looks pretty nautical because it uses a lot of stripes in its design and is reminiscent of just about any character you’ve seen sailing in a movie. However, this shirt is more on a comfortable and flattering side. The stripes don’t tend to add any weight to and look great in all the right angles. 

Ruffled Midi Dress 

The ruffled Midi Dress is something you should consider if you are trying to add stylish dresses to your wardrobe. This particular dress fits great and feels completely comfortable. The collar at the top makes this dress stand out and flatter the bust area. You can get this dress in a variety of different styles and it will feel like it’s barely there while you are wearing it. 

Wide-Leg Pants 

While it is not a dress, another staple that could up the ante in your closet is wide-leg pants. While wide-leg pants look like they wouldn’t look good on most people, but that is just an optical illusion. It is best to invest in a high waisted trouser option because these can fit on just about any body type. Pair these pants with any of your favorite tops and they are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. 

Slip Dress 

Most of us remember the 90’s and that it wasn’t necessarily a stylish time. But like with all fashion, it is coming back with a vengeance. One thing in particular that artists like Courtney Love popularized is the 90’s slip dress. 

This dress is comfortable and borderline lingerie. It not only looks great on but feels like you aren’t even wearing anything. This dress can be paired with a variety of different pairs of shoes and it will still look good. You can pair this satin slip with your Doc Martens for a timeless 90’s look. 

If you want to continue with the 90’s look, you can afford to incorporate a hand-smocked cotton nightgown into your wardrobe and you will feel happy to do so in the end. This dress is free-flowing and highly stylish. It has been around for decades after all and was again popularized in the 90s. You can wear this dress in a variety of situations.  

For example, you can wear it to bed or you can wear out on the town and accompany it with your favorite pair of shoes. Additionally, you can get this dress in a variety of different prints to make you stand out from the pack. 

Pin Striped Wool Vest 

Considering winter can sneak up on us with a quickness, having the option to keep warm is something you should always keep in mind. And you should make a pinstriped wool vest one of the staples in your closet. 

This vest is extremely stylish and warm and looks great with any outfit. You can style this vest with a variety of shoe options. For example, it would look great with trainers or a heeled boot. 

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