Why You Should Let Your Hair Dry in a Turban

If you haven’t heard the news, you probably should. Traditional towels are not good for the overall health of your hair. It makes sense. Your hair is sensitive, and it’s especially sensitive to friction. So when you roughly rub a cotton towel over your hair to get out any excess liquid, you’re essentially assaulting your hair.

The result can be split ends, dead follicles, and horrible frizz. It not only looks embarrassing, but it can also do a number on the long term health of your hair. This is especially true for people who might have chemically weakened hair thanks to regularly dying or bleaching. 

But it can be just as frustrating to let your hair air dry, and that comes with its own problems – primarily the risk of your hair losing its elasticity and developing a more oily and greasy consistency.

For the longest time, the not-so-hidden secret was to use a t-shirt–specifically t-shirts constructed from synthetic microfibers. The smaller structure of these fibers means that they aren’t going to do the damage to your hair or create the level of friction that can lead to disastrous hair days. It’s an especially trusted tool of women with curly hair, but anyone can benefit from it.

That’s Where Turbans Come In

Hair-care turbans are a relatively new invention in the mainstream imagination, but they combine the best of both towels and t-shirts without having the disadvantages of either. It can be easy to be skeptical. 

After all, miracle routines are a dime a dozen in the world of hair care products. But if you consider the hair turban as just another tool in your self-care arsenal, it’s likely to become one of your most favorite beauty tools.

Since they’re made from microfiber, turbans provide the same level of wicking (and the same level of protection from friction and damage) that you’d find in a traditional t-shirt, but it’s designed to fit specifically to your head. That means that you can leave it on while you go about your day and not have to worry about water dripping from the ends of it coming loose and needing to be redone.

That’s an especially huge boon if you like to do your facial care routine right after getting in the shower. 

Even large heads of hair can fit comfortably in a turban, and it holds everything securely so your face will be completely exposed to your routine without being exposed to dripping water. And since you can just set it and forget it, you don’t need to worry about scrubbing down your hair with a turban. Any worries you might have had about drying damage can be forgotten.

The Difference Between Microfibers

But just because hair turbans are one of the best hair drying options on the market doesn’t mean that all hair turbans for drying hair are made to the same level of quality. 

“Microfiber” is a catch-all term that simply refers to the fact that a turban is made up of tiny synthetic fibers. What these fibers are actually composed of and how they work together can have a dramatic impact on the efficacy of a hair turban, so we still advise you to do your research and check out reviews before picking one.

In many cases, manufacturers will produce different turbans for different hair types, and that’s a consideration worth paying attention to. We recommend a turban for just about everyone, but we also recommend you find the right turban for you. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options out there.

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