Factors to Consider Before Buying Salon Equipment

For those in the process of revamping their saloon or thinking of starting a new salon business, first identify the kind of services that would best suit the clients. That would then lead to the task of choosing salon equipment. Of course, there is different equipment from chairs, mats, stylish stations, and hair dryers, among other devices.

But with many pieces of equipment in the market comes the challenge of finding the right match for the salon. Some end up purchasing equipment that does not fit their space, last longer, or even hold their desired layout.

Worry no more because this article discusses some of the best and easiest ways salon owners can determine the right purchase of salon equipment. Therefore, consider:

Style and Services

Having a desire to run a salon or a spa is a great idea. However, many services are offered in a salon: hair, facials, massage, or nails.  So, one must think of the type of services they would wish to offer before buying the equipment. This would prevent them from buying devices that they would not use.

Design Space and Layout of the Salon

Some of the Belvedere salon equipment are huge- depending on the services. So one must never overlook the space they have. In most cases, the area would determine the number of equipment to use or the device’s size to buy.

A simple trick is to ensure the salon space is efficient. 

Therefore, take into account the salon design space vise-vie the number of items needed. In other words, consider if there is enough space that would accommodate the desired equipment.

Budget of the Equipment Needed

With the knowledge of services to offer and the equipment type, the next thing to factor in is the cost of the equipment to purchase. Sure, salon equipment comes at different prices, from low to high prices- all of which depend on the type of service and equipment needed.

But, remember that expensively buying specific salon equipment may indicate some level of “class.” At the same time, cheap is expensive, and sometimes cheaply bought items would easily break or need to be replaced down the line.

So, while prioritizing the salon needs, every owner must ensure they budget correctly. If there is less allocation, then consider having medium-ranged products that are mid-priced so long as they would help achieve the desired salon outlook. But if there are enough funds, it’s advisable to spend more on the equipment for longevity.

Quality and Durability of the Equipment 

In some cases, the price would determine the quality of the equipment. And most salon professionals would advise individuals to spend more to get high-quality products. But whichever the determinant, every salon should pay close attention to the quality or the durability of each piece of equipment they plan to purchase.

Though the quality of different equipment may vary, it would be better to ask out or check with the manufacturer. Better still, check the online reviews to find out what other salon professionals say about the durability of different equipment they might have acquired.

Most importantly, check on the equipment’s material: plastic, aluminum, or steel. These would also help determine the quality and durability of the salon equipment.

Assembly Process

The ease of assembly is another crucial factor to consider before deciding to buy any salon equipment. Therefore, check if the item comes when it’s pre-assembled or whether it requires assembly. In case it needs to put everything together, then confirm the level of difficulty. Or must there be a professional or technician?

That said, it would be better to purchase pre-assembled items. This would help avoid some losses or breakages and sometimes the wrong assembly.  Also, it would help save on time taken to put together various endless parts or pieces.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is of immense importance. So, every salon specialist should ensure they factor in the time they expect to get or start using their equipment. Suppose the equipment is being shipped, then one has to plan with their business plans and objectives so that they don’t raise their hopes before receiving the equipment. Expect a shorter or longer delivery time depending on where the equipment is made.

Warranty and returns

Check if the manufacturer can be helpful should something go wrong during distribution or after a few months from the purchase date. Therefore, find out if warranty and returns are offered, and check the conditions they may be allowed.


It may be a nice feeling to renovate or have plans ready to start a salon business. However, before deciding on the types of salon equipment to buy, follow the tips above to avoid wasting money on substandard products.

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